Thank You

There are a lot of people who have supported me through every idea that they have heard come out of my wildly imaginative head.

After seeing that familiar crazed look in my eyes, they probably were getting ready for the announcement of another overly ambitious project. They breathed a sigh of relief, and offered unabated encouragement, when I told them about a blog. Little do they know, there still is a mountain of not-yet-realized work and chaos. Only this time, it’s a lot less demanding of their time and personal space. (I’m not looking to overhaul a bus.)

So, this page is for the people who have kept my dreaming spirit alive. Also to YOU, the reader; without you I would simply be a crazy plant lady talking to myself. Thank you!



My DAD, because we share some kind of magical brainwave connection. He has also always taken the time out to detangle my doll’s hair and fix anything I can’t on my own.

Version 2

My Mother, for every everything. (Not a typo.)


BOSS, gave me the opportunity to even be doing this; for all her graciousness and wisdom.

Version 2


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