Lori’s Roses

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” —Persian Proverb

I know one woman who respects many thorns, and in turn has many roses!

I plan on making a post specifically about rose care (how I take care of roses on properties in the Hudson Valley.) In the mean time, let’s all ogle these beautiful roses that resulted from one woman’s extreme love and attention. I wish there was smell vision.

(Also, I will have to go back and ask her specific names of roses to label them. I did a bad job at that; too stunned by their good looks.)


IMG_6564IMG_6565IMG_6567IMG_6570IMG_6571IMG_6574IMG_6576IMG_6579IMG_6580IMG_6581IMG_6584IMG_6586IMG_6595IMG_6599IMG_6600IMG_6606IMG_6609Version 2IMG_6614IMG_6615IMG_6617IMG_6624IMG_6627

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