Hello, my name is Krista.

I am here to be a guiding force on your never ending journey to gardening. It’s okay, it’s okay, the journey is the best part. Without constantly learning we would not be growing, and growing is the entire point (and weeding, and pruning, and… you get it.)

Honestly, I don’t know how great of a gardener I would be without Boss and the internet. Yet, it is easy to get lost out there in the world wide web. The Braided Gardener will help to keep you in control of your gardening experience. I will be learning with you; a faithful friend along for the ride.


Version 2



I began my own personal gardening journey by helping my mother to create a small vegetable patch in our backyard when I was 16. It has since grown in size and I still help to maintain it (she does much more work though.)

The real fateful moment was answering a craigslist ad that would lead me to the amazing job I have now with Boss. It has been several years of gardening professionally; the first couple having an extreme learning curve. I still am pretty awful at remembering plant names; but show me any plant on the properties we work for, and I can tell you all of its wants and needs.

Now, I have started this blog to sort of catalog my knowledge, and continue to learn. I still have many aspirations and hopes when it comes to gardening and planting for myself. I’m excited to show you what I am up to along the way.

11 thoughts on “Welcome”

      1. You are thinking right. I have a few “experts” I talk to when I get confused. It’s good to know people, and quite frankly, I am surprised that I am in communication with those “certain people”. Actually, I am honored. I am just a gardener and blogger.

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