Paley’s Market

If you live in a 50 mile radius of Paley’s Farm Market in Sharon Connecticut, you need to go there at least once in your life while it is open during the warmer months. If you don’t live within a 50 mile radius, but really like a good drive, you should go. If you live no where remotely close, tell me about your favorite farm market in the comments!

It is one of my favorite farm markets as well as a nursery. The staff there is very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been mistaken as part of their team more than once while shopping for myself or a client. Such an honor really. Charlie has exactly what we need 90% of the time. It is apparent he has taken into consideration what people enjoy at certain times of the year, keeping things on trend, while still providing your garden classics.

Even if you’re not in the market for gardening supplies, stop in for a snack or fresh local produce for your dinner. One of my favorite memories as a kid was always stopping when we went by Paley’s to get a honey stick. It is one of my quintessential items for summer time; so sweet and refreshing, a modest little treat. Now, I always grab a coconut water and maybe some rosemary cookies too.

Honestly, their website speaks for itself. They have done a killer job with the photos and layout of goodies. Even so, since I took a few pictures there the other day, I may as well use them so my time spent looking like a wackjob is not in vain. Boss said I looked like some vagrant meandering around with my phone taking photos. She clearly doesn’t understand Millennials, even though she technically is one.


IMG_8177 2

Boss, admiring the Ageratum and the maroon petunias. Shout out to Miscanthus gracillimus.

Also, their farm dog is super cute! It is worth it just to go pet the good doggo.


The apples are delicious. My go-tos are usually plums or pears, mmm.


Many selections in pottery, a lot of beautiful things in diverse sizes and colors. This sale pertains to their end-of-year sale; that’s why we were there!


I really enjoyed the muted tone and amped up texture of this container. The rectangular containers seem to give freedom for a lot of different heights of plants all together. The trick is to getting little feet for them to be elevated, thereby protecting your outdoor surfaces. The whole aesthetic with the wood and the metal along with this container is really on trend right now.


A lot of their plant stock has been bought at this point in their end-of-year sale. However, the staff still does an excellent job at presenting pairings of plants. The foliage and blossoms of the lantana go beautifully with this ornamental grass. A very interesting visual.


They do carry plants shaped into Standards. This guy is pretty funny and cute.

That’s as many photos as I took before Boss made that comment about me looking a bit strange taking photos. As I said, their photos on the website are really very professional and will provide you with a better sense of the stock they are carrying. Check their site for some great sales or join their email list.

Again, let me know what one of your favorite farm markets is in the comments! I love supporting local farmers, as we all should. They seriously know so much more than we may realize.

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