Soggy and Still Sick

Super quick! (Is it ever super quick? -No, it takes at least an hour; learning curve.)

For reference, yesterday I had gone to work after posting Sick Day and brought along the  Apple Crumb Cake to share with Boss. I had hoped to be working in the sunshine and not feeling so much like a gremlin. However, we do not always get what we want; it was incredibly damp and misty all day. Boss didn’t even want to do any work. She was hoping that I would say I was too sick to work again and that she and I could both just stay at home. Since I had made the apple crumb cake, picked some dahlias, and packaged some of those fresh eggs to share with her; she, in turn, made us both coffee and trudged over to meet me at a property.

“I want my cake!”

“Good morning to you, too.”


In all honesty, the mist was just what my sinuses needed and it wasn’t too cold outside. It does get annoying though when your gloves are all wet, or your hands are all muddy (because what is the point of even wearing gloves that will get all wet.)

The land at this property is stunning. There is a really quaint view of the mountains that they can see off of their outdoor seating area. The rest is this expanse of grass, meadow, and perfectly accented trees. I do not envy the man that mows the lawn, but somehow it is always looking neat.


It was as if we were working within the clouds yesterday. The mist hung heavily in the trees. The feeling was almost ominous. Had I not had company, coffee, and cake, I would be more likely to have left at any spooky noise.


There is always beauty when you keep an eye out and an open mind. The way the moisture clung to spiders’ webs was awe inspiring. How they toil away and then get rained on, or webs broken through by unobservant gardeners. (How they were vacuumed up as I helped Christine clean out her studio before the Clay Way Studio Tour      this weekend.)


It’s so gorgeous, like beads or pearls strung so delicately. Nature is always so amazing to me, as I hope it is to you as well.


Fare thee well my fair readers! Onward to Fall Cleanup!

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