Day Before Thanksgiving

My family is here from North Carolina and Vermont. We are all huddled in my parents’ small house in upstate New York. There is talk of more sudden snowfall on the way. The ground looks like it will be frozen for the foreseeable future and the planting schedule is halted.

There is still snow on the ground from the eight inches that accumulated the end of last week. My kitten has finally figured out that the window sill is the ultimate hang out; along with the cat bed near to the space heater.

I am most thankful for my family being here.

My aunt is making a pecan pie and we let the mixture sit outside to cool, as we were having coffee. It froze in that amount of time, ha!

I am secondly thankful that I have prepared a couple of apple pies so that I have to do minimal effort this week. Cutting up so many pounds of apples and making pie crust from scratch seems to take forever!

I froze the pies so that all I have to do tomorrow morning or tonight is put them in the oven for about an hour. I am also in charge of making the “traditional” version of a green bean casserole. Which is a really good thing, because the new Vermonters have brought some spirits with farm-sensibilities. Might I say, Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery makes some great beverages!

The pecan pie filling may have frozen from enjoying our coffee with the Maple Cream Line in it a little too long.

We have also thought about creating a signature hand sign to go with the Braided Gardener branding. Like this?! Yeah okay.

I think I was wiggling my fingers a bunch, making my hand look pretty funny. Also, these houseplants show my mother’s green thumb for all plants. I do my best in the winter to figure out how I kill my houseplants. My green thumb is currently only great for outdoors, it does not translate into the indoor world.

What do you do for your Thanksgiving traditions? What is your favorite dish?

There may be photos of us with spoons on our noses.. and my favorite dish contains my mother’s mashed potatoes; a close second going to corn casserole and green beans.. and sweet potatoes.. all of it! If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy some great food and family time; that is really what it is about to me!

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