Turmeric Chai

For Christmas presents, I gave out little packages of my signature immune boosting blend of turmeric and other spices to be used in a beverage.

This beverage can go several different directions. So, when I was thinking of writing up a directional tag for every single package, it seemed like a big time waster. Instead, why not give a link to my blog for my “handwritten” directions? Brilliant. Hello family and friends! On with the directions…

Disclaimer* Turmeric is great, but also stains: Countertops, clothing, white composite tooth fillings, white ovens, white mugs.. you get it.*

Turmeric Chai 

Warm (cow’s, coconut, or almond) milk or water on the stove in a sauce pan. It should not come to a boil if you are using a milk.

Make sure that the baggie is fully saturated and stir it around in the pot.  I let the baggie remain for a few minutes and then remove it before drinking.

Add 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract for a richer flavor.

A little maple syrup turns it into a real treat as well.

For a stronger taste, or a larger volume of liquid, empty the contents from the baggie and stir directly into the milk or water.

Some prefer to chill the beverage, others like to drink it warm, or even make it into a latte froth.


Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 3.02.19 PM.png

If you are wondering what it may look like, it turns a pale yellow. If you are looking to make your own, google holds the answers! I included cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice in mine that gives it a chai flair. Adding that bit of vanilla extract also makes it something special. Had I acquired some dried vanilla, I would have added it to the spice mixture.


Each baggie has one teaspoon of my blend in it. This should be sufficient for 16oz of liquid, or even larger if it is mixed directly. Also, the brand of baggies that I used are compostable. Feel free to place them right into your compost bin when you are done with them and they will break down. Well, maybe not if you have soaked them in cow’s milk.


These were hand-rolled, and not secured with anything, so they may unfurl a bit with the process of mixing. I have never had the contents of my hand-rolled tea bags come out and make a giant mess, so I hope this good fortune will be passed on to you.

Enjoy! Much love to you in the New Year!

Happy, Healthy, Full of Flowers and Fresh Veggies!


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