Turmeric Chai

For Christmas presents, I gave out little packages of my signature immune boosting blend of turmeric and other spices to be used in a beverage. This beverage can go several different directions. So, when I was thinking of writing up a directional tag for every single package, it seemed like a big time waster. Instead,… Continue reading Turmeric Chai

December Playlist

Hello All, I meant to have this playlist up for you at the beginning of December, but I also intended to have all my presents and cards in order by now. You guessed it, they're not done. https://open.spotify.com/user/i4s3qdcvsc3hma74qhampp8qy/playlist/29mxES1XErnLc6GZym4esV?si=K9pZSJUUSKKw76BMgIXSJQ Take a listen and enjoy! There are only a few songs in this playlist that have one… Continue reading December Playlist